My vision first began when I looked in the mirror and only saw my imperfections... I was not satisfied with my own reflection. 

One day, I decided to ask a friend how he took care of his seemingly flawless skin... he answered, "I just use a bar of soap." JUST A BAR OF SOAP?!?

After much deliberation with myself, I decided to stop buying into the hype that beauty comes from expensive liquids and creams with harsh chemicals that do skin more harm than good.

I decided to give "just a bar of soap" a shot.

My face did not clear up right away, so throughout my washes I would tell myself "You are beautiful as you are. You are worthy as you are. You are everything, as you are."

I came to believe what the girl in the mirror would tell me, and soap wasn't just a bar of soap anymore. In that moment, I realized that I deserved to be kinder to my skin. I stopped using other products and started handcrafting my own soap with natural ingredients.  

In my eyes, it’s no longer just a bar of soap.
It is my time to care for and love myself for all that I am.

Thank YOU for joining me on this beautiful journey. 

Don't forget you too, are worthy as you are!